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Even if you have the best glossy brochures, a world class web site, and stellar media materials, the lasting impression someone gets of your company/organization will likely come from the people they meet.


  • PowerPoint®—Alive and Well—"PowerPoint" has become a derogatory term in many circles because too many people don't understand the basics of a good presentation. This workshop offers tips on basic presentation preparation and how to avoid common pitfalls when using PowerPoint's built-in templates and layout tools.
  • PowerPoint® Beyond the Bullets—A workshop for people already familiar with PowerPoint® who want to move to the next level in presentation design, including the important choreography of presenter, presentation, audience, and (often not addressed) the presentation setting.

Coachingthese are an extension of Evaluation services that can be tailored for individuals or small teams

  • Public Speaking—gain confidence, avoid distracting habits, connect more powerfully with your internal or public audience
  • Presentations—public speaking with the added use of supporting media, such as PowerPoint®, video, computer software, live internet, etc.
  • Media Interviews—preparing yourself to make the best impression and get your point across
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