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How effective are the materials you are producing—the presentations you make, your website, and other forms of communication aimed at your customers/constituents, employees, board or other stakeholders, or the general public? We can help assess what you are already producing, as well as help to determine if your resources are being used effectively.

Following are a few examples. Most evaluation work will require consultation with you to determine the exact nature of the evaluation you would like to conduct. This would then be followed with a proposal and cost estimate.

Websites—does the site appropriately reflect who you are? Is the information organized well and is the navigation system easy to follow? Are there distracting elements? Does the site follow current best practices? What are the best features of the site? Are there exemplary features that could demonstrate best practices and innovative design to others?

Company Documentation—do your employee handbook, policy and procedure manuals, and other internal documentation (print and electronic) communicate well? This type of evaluation would normally involve feedback from employees through focus groups and/or surveys.

Public Information—do the materials intended for public distribution (print or electronic, whether produced by your staff or vendors/contractors) present your company/organization as effectively as possible? The scope of this type of evaluation can be sized to best fit your budget and the amount of material you produce.

Presentations/Public Events—how well do presenters represent the company/organization? What could be improved? Is a presenter strong enough to serve as a trainer/mentor to others? How well does supporting material (PowerPoint® or other presentation software, other media, handouts, etc.) support the presentation? Does the presenter make good use of the supporting material?

Media Appearances—how well do spokespersons represent the company/organization? Were the answers provided to the point and short enough to be editable with minimal misinterpretation? Did the person show good preparation, responding well to any sensitive or potentially embarrassing questions?