Bestseller Insights: Trend Graphs

The graphs shown here are a sample of the types of analysis of the bestseller lists made available toward the end of our bestseller research work, which ended in December 2013. Examples of reports and other types of analysis are available on the Bestseller Insights page.
If any of these are applicable to your needs for research, data analysis and reporting, use the Contact Us form to describe your needs.
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New Entries by Week

Each week, there are new titles or new editions of previous or concurrent bestsellers (i..e., a hardcover print edition and e-book). The weekly chart shows them as a proportion of total entries for the most recent 52-week period. (It is updated along with the top-25, usually on Monday of each week).

New Entries by Month

The monthly chart compares three years: the past two full years and the current year as it unfolds. The important thing to remember with monthly data is that four months each year will represent five weeks of data. This may cause the appearance of a "bump" that does not, in fact, exist on a weekly basis (although showing proportion instead of raw numbers tends to reduce this effect).

Median Volume by Month

In June 2012 Publishers Weekly began basing its lists on Neilsen BookScan. The chart shows the median volume. Median is the point where half of the entries are higher and half are lower. It is more meaningful than total volume or average, which can be skewed significantly by one extraordinary title. Keep in mind that unlike the other graphs, this is only print editions on Publishers Weekly.

Additional Graphs

These graphs represent only a small sample of the number and types of graphs that could have been produced from the data available. We can help you visualize your data to meet your specific needs.



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