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    If the photo viewer becomes unresponsive
    Close the browser window or tab and connect to the site again.
    This will restart the script that runs the viewer.

    All settings present the photo gallery in a "modal" window on top of this page.

    Normal (Wide) is meant for standard widescreen laptops and monitors.
    Legacy is suitable for desktop computers and some laptops with a display that is not wide.
    Small is adapted for tablets and devices that cannot handle the two full size versions. The window and the elements are reduced in size. In order to maximize the photo size in a smaller viewer, there is no caption information.

    Note that the Gallery Photo Viewer size setting is stored as a cookie on your computer, so it will remember your preference as you return to the site. If you have not enabled cookies, the site will remember any changes you make throughout your current session.

    Note also that changing the size of the photo viewer to reflect the device you are using also changes the height of the list in each tab, inserting a scroll bar within the tab when necessary.

    Cropping Demo

    Cropping Demo
    (7 photos)
    The majority of photos you use to build a collection will likely be landscape (wide) orientation. The samples here show how cropping can improve the framing of a picture or add emphasis by "zooming in" on detail.
    Updated May 24 2012

    Portrait Cropping Demo

    Portrait Cropping Demo
    (37 photos)
    Photo collections are restricted to landscape (wide) orientation. While some portrait (tall) photos look best that way, the cropping tool can produce some powerful results. Here are some samples from nature and people.
    Updated May 24 2012

    Photo Samples 1

    Photo Samples 1
    (35 photos)
    Samples of photography by Stu Johnson. This collection concentrates on photos of people at various client and other indoor events, in most cases using available light with a digital SLR camera.
    Updated May 13 2018

  • Living Longer Living Better Intro (1:27)
    Monday October 24, 2011
    Introductory video for website. Video was shot with a Sony A33 DSLR camera with HD video capability (this one shot in standard 3x4 format) and a Rode VideoMic camera-mounted microphone. Edited in Adobe Premiere.
    Updated May 24 2012

    Embedded video

    A Few Good Men (4:30)
    Saturday June 7, 2008
    A video-from-stills combining music, stills and titles to report on a men's prayer retreat at Evangel Baptist Church (Wheaton IL). Embedded version is "large", YouTube is original "medium" format.
    Updated May 16 2012

    Embedded video; Also available: YouTube Video

    MBC: 150 Years to Diversity (4:28)
    Thursday March 24, 2005
    Video-from-stills, with title animation and music. Produced by Stu Johnson for the 150th anniversary of the Midwest Baptist Conference (now Converge Midamerica), showing its move from Swedish roots to cultural diversity.
    Updated May 16 2012

    Embedded video

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