Whatever the nature of your organization, how you handle information is a critical part of your success. In short, information matters.

In today's information-saturated environment, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Our mission is to help make sense of information—whether you're dispensing it, trying to find it, or trying to figure out what it means.

Stuart Johnson & Associates provides a full range of services built by being able to meet the unique needs of a variety of clients, from business, non-profits, education and government.

Good communication requires good planning. Sometimes it is helpful for the entire organization to better understand itself and its direction by going through a full strategic planning process. Even if you have this well in hand, one of our greatest strengths is being able to put your information needs in a strategic context.

As you will see by exploring the site in more detail, we can help you meet your information needs in a number of ways, from researching and analyzing it, to evaluating the way you present it, to packaging information for you through graphic design and media production, or providing training in effective presentation.


Communication can inform, inspire, and persuade. It can also be used to deceive, manipulate, and coerce. It is our desire to work with companies and organizations that place a high value on the integrity of their word and actions.

If we sense that a client is making improper use of information, it is our responsibility— part of our own integrity—to point it out and suggest remedies. Fortunately, in our experience this has occurred most often because of misunderstandings about the use of statistics, weak research, and other addressable issues.

Being able to manipulate images in Photoshop® is great fun—and we're experts at it. "Photoshopping" is used to "optimize" or "enhance" an image to remove distractions, improve clarity, or add something (or someone) to a photo. A line that we will not knowingly cross, however, occurs when such manipulation is done to purposely deceive the audience.


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